Hello all, well I have been out of action (again!) for the past six or seven weeks and have not been out and about at all which is why my slow-paced blog is now a no paced blog. This time I have damaged ligaments and cartilage in my left knee. I am rattling with pain killers too, such fun 😦 When I am fully recovered from this one I am thinking of finding a way to graft the grip from my stick, pictured below, on to one of my cameras as I am so used to it!




4 thoughts on “Hobbled

  1. Seems strange to do a ‘like’ on something that obviously is not very pleasant but..the photo of this stick is the best I have ever seen!! Wishing you a speedy recovery. xx

  2. What a beautiful shot that is, although it is associated with being reduced to a sedentary existence. Sorry to hear of your plight and I hope you will be restored to full outdoor activities shortly.

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