Cool curves and warm sunshine.

Well it has been, and still is, a miserable winter but surely the warmth of Spring is only a few weeks away. Photographically I have had a very quiet time of it. It has  been either to bad to venture out into the gale force winds and torrential rain or I haven’t been up to par myself.

Here are a couple of images that represents the anticipated change in weather and temperature as we make the transition from winter to spring.

Curved glass

Cool Curves.


Sunshine and new growth.

Warm sunshine and new growth.


4 thoughts on “Cool curves and warm sunshine.

  1. I agree with you completely – this winter has been horrendous. There’s just the occasional day of sun (and as I write there is a frost on the ground and the chance of sun today) and one’s spirits lift. And, yes, creativity suffers – I took very few images in December and January.
    Two great images – the first one reminds me of the kink in the Jet Stream that seems to be one of the prime culprits for the turbulent weather along with El Nino.

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