Colours of Spring

The warm weather we had recently brought the gardens to life again. In my garden we have some Forget-Me-Nots that really burst into life but now the weather has changed and we have much cooler and wetter weather. The little blue Forget-Me-Nots are putting up a valiant fight and brightening up the garden as well as our moods. Heres hoping for better weather and better news from the government about further releasing restrictions.


As bad as it has been here in the UK and across Europe it is as nought compared to what India is suffering right now. The world is coming together to provide whatever is needed. The UK has very strong ties with India and we have been supplying oxygen generators and ventilators amongst other much needed goods and materials.

The global community must continue to get whatever aid India needs to stem the horrendous onslaught of Covid-19 on the Sub-Continent.


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