What a big show off!

Last weekend we went for a drive in the country. Fortunately I drive a car with automatic transmission where the left leg is suplus to requirements (until you get ot of the car of couse 🙂 ). Even then my left peg is next to useless anyway.

We had, on a previous outing, spotted what we thought was a little country store that we made a mental note of and so went back to visit. It turned out to be a restaurant that sells gifts etc. and it was packed out too 😦

So while we were in the area we decided instead to go to Nunnington Hall for afternoon tea and cake (such decadence). Anyway the sun was shining and so we went into the tea garden. While there we were visited by a female peacock (peahen??) who seemed to really enjoy cake crumbs, which is basically what I was left with after feeding this thing.

It seems she was not alone and into the garden strolls Mr. Peacock and he was displaying and strolling in between the tables. Have you ever had your hair brushed by peacock feathers? Anyhow I took the opportunity to break out the camera and take a couple of shots. I had almost forgotten how to do this but, well, the pics are below.

Femal Peacock/hen

Mrs. Peacock

Displaying Peacock

Mr. Peacock


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