All fall down!

We recently paid another visit to Byland Abbey in the North York Moors National Park. We had been to Helmsley earlier and called in on the way back to indulge ourselves at the tea room next to the Abbey . . . . and we did . . . . yummm!

See a little bit about what brought this huge Abbey to this state.

Byland Abbey ruins

Byland Abbey ruins


4 thoughts on “All fall down!

  1. Despite its sad state it is still impressive. We visited another English Heritage site just last week – Kenilworth Castle. Standing in the ruins of a place like this, I always find myself in awe of the men who designed and built these extraordinary buildings.

    • The next time I venture further south than the Lancashire/Cheshire border, which is not that often, I must make a visit to Kenilworth, looks great.

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