Play time

On Thursday we were out on the east coast at Robin Hood’s Bay, just south of Whitby. It is a very small village with an access road that would suit mountain goats far better than me! The weather was reasonably warm but not at all bright but it was still full of people looking around. I couldn’t settle on anything to shoot so went along the sea wall. I found a scene that I wanted to capture but I just wasn’t happy with what I was getting. So I kept the images anyway and decided to process them as single image HDRs. This is not something I am particularly a fan of but sometimes they can work when there is a lot of texture in the picture.

Anyway here are three shots I have worked on from the day out.

Sea Wall

Sea Wall

Old Tractor

Old Tractor

Detail Triptych

Detail Triptych


3 thoughts on “Play time

  1. All strong images, Frank. I particularly like that first image: it has a timeless quality to it and that monochromatic sky really creates a lot of atmosphere.

    • Thanks again Andy. The sky was pretty heavy most of the time but looked flat before post. I would rather have got nearer to what I wanted in camera but . . hey ho 🙂

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