Ribblehead Viaduct

I have visited this place on a number of occasions for a couple of reasons.

First it is on the A6255 which is a very scenic road that runs from Hawes to Ingleton that we love to drive along and the viaduct hoves into view providing a WOW moment.

Second it is at the end of the A6479 which is another favourite road that runs north from Settle following the River Ribble and meets up with the A6255 at Ribblehead Viaduct.

The entire area is just full of breath-taking scenery. This particular visit was made in mid July this summer and It was a really hot day (for the UK), 29 degrees. I was suffering a bit after a couple of hours in the sun when I found this viewpoint. No shade, no respite so I got what I wanted from there and then started walking towards the viaduct back to the track that I could walk back to the car along. As I approached the track a train came across the viaduct, typical! so I grabbed a hand-full of shots of it anyway. In post I took the train from the grabbed shots and included it in this image. The viewpoints were different and I needed to scale things a little bit and alter the perspective but I felt justified in compositing the image in this way since the parts used were from the same session, minutes apart. The RAW conversion and initial adjustments were made in LR5, I made the composite in CS6 and the mono conversion was made in Silver Efex Pro.

An image of a train crossing the Ribblehead Viaduct

Ribblehead Viaduct


2 thoughts on “Ribblehead Viaduct

    • Hello Andy, of course it would be better in my view if it were a steam train. I will take the time to check out the Settle/Carlisle Railway timetables to find out when they have one running. Then I will see if I can muscle my way through the ‘togs to get a clear shot 🙂

      Having said that, maybe on a miserable day for weather and cold temperatures to help with more steam maybe the fair weather ‘togs wouldn’t be there! Sounds like a plan.

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