Complete indifference

I was recently in Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast to look around the Castle there. It was a really warm day and eventually we ended up down on the harbour near the lighthouse sat on a bench soaking up the rays watching the boats come and go.

Last April I posted a picture of a statue in front of the lighthouse (see it here). We were sitting only a few feet from where I shot that picture and I turned to look at the statue and there was a Herring Gull sitting on top of it. What amused me about what I saw and made me grab a couple of shots was the look of complete indifference of both the Gull and the statue.

So here it is . . . .

A Gull sitting atop a statue

The Gal and the Gull


2 thoughts on “Complete indifference

  1. What a great shot. I like the way the gull is looking in a different direction to the gaze of the statue (sorry Gal!). That adds tension so well. The viewpoint too works well. Very well seen.

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