Malham Cove

Out and about in Malhamdale a couple of weeks ago and walked down to Malham Cove. It was a rainy day but that often makes for more atmospheric images. I was surprised to see so many people about really but there were scopes set up near the cove all trained on the Peregrine Falcons that inhabit the limestone cliffs. When we finally got back into the village around 4:30 or so we took advantage of the “muddy boots welcome” attitude of the café owners in Malham to warm up with a hot drink and food. Guess what happened next, the sky started clearing, the rain stopped and the light improved. We had a bit of a laugh at that, it just had to happen didn’t it?!

A view of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales.

The well trodden path to Malham Cove.


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