Asleep amongst the Bamboo

This is an image of a piece of garden sculpture. We bought it purely for its looks, I know nothing of what it does or does not represent. It just looks right in amongst the Bamboo, to us, no analysis needed. I have said before that I sometimes like to make pictures because I like what I see, and for no other reason, just to please myself. Sometimes I will set myself a task to do, like going out with one body and one lens, or maybe to do something different.

I recently attended a Royal Photographic Society Distinction advisory day. I needed to put together 10 to 15 images to be shown to a hall full of people and have them critiqued. I fussed and sweated over choosing images for a month before deciding on the final choices. I have to say that I did not enjoy having to shoot and choose images based on someone else’s criteria. I don’t know if that’s me being lazy or not but it seemed much tougher to me. Anyway after having my images picked over and criticised or praised I was finally told that I had ten images that would, in their view, be up to the mark for a LRPS. So all felt well again with the world and I now need to think about a submission proper, maybe later this year.

Asleep amongst the Bamboo

Asleep amongst the Bamboo


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