Fading light and wobbly boots in York

I have visited York a good number of times over the years and always during the daytime, never at night. A few days ago I had the idea to go into York in the evening hoping to get shots of some of the ancient streets under the street lights. Well we arrived in York at 7 p.m and within two minutes I knew it was a mistake. I had forgotten it was a bank holiday weekend (easily done when you’re retired!) and the place was heaving with people, many of whom were well on the way to wearing their wobbly boots. To be honest I didn’t feel at all comfortable and eventually headed for the relative tranquility of the city walls as the light was fading. I took these two pictures as we walked along the wall heading for where it crosses Micklegate near to where we left the car and headed back into the countryside.

A view from the city walls of York


Looking back into the City with the Minster dominating the skyline


2 thoughts on “Fading light and wobbly boots in York

  1. I love that expression ‘wobbly boots’! I particularly like the second image. Well chosen viewpoint and the processing is unusual but really very effective. It reminds me of an engraving. Clever work.

    • Yes . . I’ve worn wobbly boots a time or two but I have hung them up these days. I liked the viewpoint for the second image but I think I went a bit mad in post with it! The light was quite poor and I will re-visit this one at some other time to see if I can do better.

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