Swaledale: Reeth, Muker & Crackpot.

Swaledale is a beautiful valley full of fields and meadows enclosed by dry stone walls, there are lots of field barns too. Early in August we visited Richmond, Reeth, Crackpot and Muker. The dale also features in the coast to coast walk from St Bees on the west coast to Robin Hoods Bay on the east coast, Reeth is roughly half way across.

Reeth was very busy and while very picturesque it was not easy, nay impossible, to get a ‘clean’ shot that wasn’t full of people and cars. Muker was quite different, we arrived late afternoon and it was fairly quiet. It’s a really beautiful little village. Earlier we had stopped off at Crackpot, what a great name! There is a waterfall there that is sat in the woods and while it is quite small I think it is a really special little place.

Ice cream and B&B in Reeth

A Swaledale shopping centre in Reeth

Heavy traffic in Muker

Waterfall at Crackpot!





4 thoughts on “Swaledale: Reeth, Muker & Crackpot.

  1. Never heard of ‘Crackpot’. What a gem of a place name and that waterfall image is certainly a gem too. You got the water absolutely right. Nice toning too in the other shots – they feel olde worldly, Very fitting.

    • Thanks Andy, it was well worth a short detour off the ‘main road’ to see. We have been to so many places in North Yorkshire that i love it when we find something new. And when I spotted a road sign to Crackpot 1 mile I couldn’t resist. I parked next to a bridge and saw someone walking up the lane. He had a camera round his neck and binoculars so I asked if there was much of interest around, and he described how to get to this waterfall. The natives around here are very friendly!

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