Lindisfarne Ropes

Walking about on Holy Island up in Northumberland earlier this year I found a pile of ropes that I liked the look of. There are lots of opportunities on Lindisfarne for capturing great subjects. While I was there a group of Nuns arrived and started to cross over to the tiny island of St Cuthberts which has a shrine to the Saint on it. Cuthbert spent ten years on Lindisfarne  before spending some time on the little Islet he believed he was ‘called’ to be a hermit before moving on to Inner Farne where he continued his Hermitage for ten years before the Church called him to come out of Hermitage and made him a Bishop.

Stack of ropes

A stack of ropes on Lindisfarne.

St Cuthberts Isle visited by Nuns

Nuns on St Cuthberts Isle off Lindisfarne.


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