Colours of Spring

The warm weather we had recently brought the gardens to life again. In my garden we have some Forget-Me-Nots that really burst into life but now the weather has changed and we have much cooler and wetter weather. The little blue Forget-Me-Nots are putting up a valiant fight and brightening up the garden as well as our moods. Heres hoping for better weather and better news from the government about further releasing restrictions.


As bad as it has been here in the UK and across Europe it is as nought compared to what India is suffering right now. The world is coming together to provide whatever is needed. The UK has very strong ties with India and we have been supplying oxygen generators and ventilators amongst other much needed goods and materials.

The global community must continue to get whatever aid India needs to stem the horrendous onslaught of Covid-19 on the Sub-Continent.

In a Covid-19 kinda mood

Okay so we are locked down again, this time things are more serious with a new strain/mutation brought into the UK via international flight running rampant. At least the vaccine jab is not too far away now, working their way down the list of priority groups and vaccinated over 2.5 million so far.

I went out into the garden the other day, its pretty much as far as we stray now, and the winter sun was low in the sky and trying to burn off the mist, unsuccessfully! What I saw either summed up the mood or created it, not sure which.

Cornflowers on the retreat

Well, Spring came, so did the virus, Summer came and went, Autumn has arrived, so has the virus, not a great year. I have had one week away from home when we went up to Wensleydale hoping to maybe get some photography done. I have almost forgotten how to use my cameras now! Well, we had a very pleasant stay in a lodge near to Bedale and were really fortunate with our timing because the weather was great all week.

I soon found out how much the lockdown and the restrictions had affected me; I have gained weight and done very little for what seems to be an absolute age. Carrying my (dusty) gear around didn’t appeal. This post has a shot of a meadow garden at RHS Harlow Carr with what now remains of the Cornflowers, one of my favourite and apparently increasingly rare plants out in the wild, in one of their wildflower areas.




A normally busy main route through town is desolate. Children’s play area is locked up. This was in April. The play areas for kids remain locked but oh my how the traffic has increased!

Strange times, people are still being taken from us by this virus and we are preparing for normality. It is obviously an existential threat from both directions. Do nothing and the country’s economy could become irretrievably damaged. Do too much and the country’s senior generation et al could be lost.

I am glad I don’t have these decisions to make, yet the people who are charged with the responsibility of making them are attacked by our soulless media. I yearn for normality but resist the temptation to pretend nothing is wrong and in doing so put others at risk. Where do we go from here? I have no clue. This year has been a time that none of us could have anticipated and all we can do is hope for the best. Stay safe everyone.

Empty Streets
Empty Streets
Closed Play Area

Red Car

Box junction
Red Car

A red car waits at a red light waiting for the non-existent trams to pass. This is a new junction at the Trafford Centre that I thought would make for an interesting abstract.

Taken on my iPhone, I have been doing very little photography for some while now. We sold up and left our bolt hole in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of August last year. I am waiting for the warm weather to arrive so we can get on with planning our next place(s) to photograph. All I see at the moment are cold, rainy, windy days, and my favourite area having suffered from quite severe flooding very recently.