Underneath the arches . . . .

. . . . at Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire. I have been trawling through my catalog’s [sic] looking for images for a book and when this one slid across the screen I was transported to the warmth of Spring last year. I had gone out with the Sony a7r and was looking around Fountains Abbey for the umpteenth time trying to find a new angle on subjects I had photographed many many times. I was finding it tough to find a new angle or view and decided to take a look at the cameras functions and tried one that I hadn’t used very much, one that offers various focal planes. This is one of the pictures I have from that day. I really enjoyed using the function for an hour or two, it felt like playtime rather than serious image hunting and It removed the self-imposed pressure of trying to find something new.

Underneath the arches . . . . at Fountains Abbey

Underneath the arches . . . .






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