A pen with a view.

This could be seen as another case of the built environment clashing with the natural environment. It is some sort of pen that I assume is or was used by a farmer tending his sheep that graze on these hills. It has a beautiful view down into Swaledale. But in this case I don’t think there is a clash given that it is here to look after the animals that essentially created the view we see. If it wasn’t for hill farmers and their sheep then this view would be very different indeed. If the little wooly lawn mowers ever left then it would soon be covered in scrub and eventually, I suppose, trees. So the view itself is an industial landscape, the industry being agriculture, so I guess this pen fits right in. Click the image to see larger version.


A Swaledale view

A Swaledale view



2 thoughts on “A pen with a view.

    • It is an old railway carriage with pens adjoined (out of shot). I think this is for whatever “maintenance” on the sheep may be needed and to keep them together while it is carried out.

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