Castle Howard . . Revisited

Part of the sumptuous interior of Castle Howard, the setting of Brideshead Revisited.

From the main stairway.

From the main stairway.

The skies were absolutely fantastic , really heavy, and the only drawback to this was the humidity which I found a little uncomfortable but at least the rain held off all afternoon. This shot is across the lake (I resisted the urge to do a Mr Darcy and dive in) with the house, as big as it is, looking dwarfed by the hugely active sky.

Under a leaden sky.

Under a leaden sky.

The third shot is of a temple, it is the Temple of the Four Winds just a short walk from the house.

Temple of the Four Winds.

Temple of the Four Winds.

It’s a wonderful place to visit and you could spend many hours wandering around the place with camera in hand and never be short of subject matter.

Visit for more.


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