Rape Crop in Full Flower

After visiting Thorp Perrow last week and walking through the Bluebell woods we drove away along a country lane and there were quite a number of fields given over to growing Rape. I really like the golden glow of these fields and they really stand out in a landscape, especially when seen from a distance. Driving along these lanes I often see some great views and pull over if I can to make a picture. A lot of the time though the lanes are very narrow and nowhere to safely pull over and the opportunity is missed.

A picture of Rape crops growing in the fields

Golden fields


7 thoughts on “Rape Crop in Full Flower

  1. Sadly, this year I haven’t had an opportunity to get out and capture fields of rape. They are a marvelous site particularly on a day when the sky is blue. But you also a need a tree too. Tto out of three is good going considering the vagaries of the British weather!! Well spotted, Frank

    • Thank you Andy. Probably two or three years ago I would have dropped in a new sky, but I love trees and clouds 🙂 Some time back I was photographing a line of trees across a rape field near Ripon. Beautiful day with the sun pouring out of a clear blue sky. Another ‘tog pitched up with tripod over his shoulder and came over to see what was interesting me. During our short conversation he never set his tripod down and just said, “You never get the clouds when you need ’em”. 😐

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