A walk in the woods

On Sunday we woke up to very heavy mist and cold temperatures. Everywhere was wet and uninviting. We put the heat up, put the TV on and waited for the promised bright afternoon to arrive. At lunchtime it was still foggy and I said to my wife, “I know how to make this clear up, I’ll go for a walk in the woods, there should be some good atmospheric shots to be found”. Sure enough, no sooner than I got into the woods than sod’s law came into force and the sun broke through and the mist started to lift! Here is one of my shots with the mist disappearing before me 😐

Click image for larger version.

Misty woods

The mist is-a-liftin’


5 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

      • My pleasure, the lighting in your images is wonderful 🙂 I’ve followed you as well so there’ll be more comments in the future 😉

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