Years Start

I was cheered up this morning with the arrival of our poppy from the display at the Tower of London, complete with dirt and grit and rust on the steel stem. It will have to stay indoors with me for the rest of the winter out of the cold wet and windy weather we are having.

This year has started off as slow (in terms of my photography) as the last year ended. I have not had a great late autumn and early winter, flu, then chesty cough, then a common cold. I have ordered a new immune system from the doctor but I don’t hold out much hope, I still haven’t received my new skeleton I asked him for 🙂  OK whinge over.

Anyhow anything we may feel down about these days soon fades into insignificance when set alongside recent events and even more so with what the display at the Tower so graphically represented.


Opened box


Ceramic Poppy

Ceramic Poppy


6 thoughts on “Years Start

  1. Oh wow, what a wonderful moment and great to keep forever, I love your poppy and yes…it goes on and on and often my heart ‘bleeds’ for the world. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. My poppy arrived three days ago. I have reached the age when as well as being offered a Flu jab, I am now also offered the Pneumococcal Jab. That’s both arms stabbed.

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