Beach walk

We recently spent a weekend on the Northumberland coast. This was shot an a walk along the beach near Dunstanburgh Castle in the late afternoon to get the appetite up for our evening meal. There are so many beautiful places along this coast from here up to Lindisfarne and beyond you get spoiled for choice as to where to go next.

A beach near Bamburgh Castle

A beach near Dunstanburgh Castle


6 thoughts on “Beach walk

    • Thanks Andy. Another case of always carrying a camera can pay off. We had driven up to the North East, checked into the hotel and then we needed to stretch our legs. Grabbed a walking stick (the old knee was acting up πŸ™‚ ) and a camera (Sony A7R) and headed to the beach. We passed quite a few people but as we approached the castle there was a young couple on the waters edge, two people with surf boards and someone walking a dog. I just liked how everything was arranged. You may be able to see a small white dot, half way along the thinnest part of the headland. It was a yacht I was hoping to get into the shot but if flew past and away from the shore and never really hit the spot.

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