Field barns

We were up in North Yorkshire at the weekend but didn’t get out and about as the Tour de France was in the area. We were effectively right in the middle of it as they came up from Leeds, into and right the way up Wharfedale to Wensleydale and up to Swaledale, eastwards then all the way down to Ripon and eventually Harrogate. There were reported to be 2.5 million people lining the route. Watching it on the TV I can well believe that figure. I am not a fan of crowds so stayed away, I don’t think I would have seen much and I certainly wasn’t willing to get up really early to walk miles to find a vantage point to see the tour flash by in a matter of seconds. It was a fantastic couple of days for Yorkshire and I enjoyed the race, well until Mark Cavendish crashed out on the finishing straight!

Anyway, really, I enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Dales such as can be experienced where I shot this view of Swaledale with it’s field barns where I could see the weather changing up at the head of the Dale.

Swaledale field barns

Swaledale field barns


2 thoughts on “Field barns

  1. A beautiful, restful scene, Frank. I wished I’d made the effort to see the Tour but then when you think about it: it’s all over in a flash. The peleton comes and goes in a matter of seconds.

  2. Yes Andy you’re right, the first leg set off from Harewood House after a parade of competitors from Leeds to Harewood and three cyclist broke from the front and opened a 3 minute gap that was maintained for a long time. That meant that spectators by the roadside got to see three bikes whiz by at 40 Kph then three minutes later the whole peleton fly through in a few seconds. I did get pangs where I felt I should get out there with it being so close I could hear the TV helicopter but the TV coverage was brilliant.

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