A Dales Sky

We were driving the route between Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale and Grassington in Wharfedale  in the Yorkshire Dales on Sunday afternoon. It had been a dry day and fairly bright too. The sky had been bubbling up the clouds all day and we were about a mile or so from Hebden when this view with the sun firing beams of light through the clouds presented itself. This is looking south toward Skipton which is roughly 12 miles away beyond the hills in the distance.

I really like being in places where you don’t have to look up to see the sky, places like this where you just have to look straight out and watch the clouds passing in front of you.

This is the last high point on the road to Grassington that would reveal such an open vista. The winding road from here has few safe places to pull over and is much lower down. This was my only shot of the day as we were not out with the specific intention of shooting pictures but the camera bag was in the car (as it should be 🙂  ) and I couldn’t drive past it without grabbing a shot.

Sunbeams breaking through the clouds.

Late afternoon in the Dales


2 thoughts on “A Dales Sky

    • Thank you very much! I said in the post it was my only shot of the day when I meant the only spot that I shot. I made all the effort to move my head round a few degrees for a couple more from there but I haven’t done anything with them yet. Maybe later.

      Thanks again.

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