A Three Headed Mill

This art installation is at Trencherfield Mill near to Wigan Pier. Created by Andy Hazell it was installed in 1999. Apart from that I know very little about it, but it wouldn’t let me pass without making a picture of it. The bottom head has a giant can opener that has just cut round the top of the head! The Mill is home to a “. . . horizontal twin tandem triple expansion engine built 1907 and developed 2100 horsepower.” Well it sounds impressive, I have seen it once but it wasn’t running. They steam it up on Sundays apparently so I may have to check their calendar and pay another visit.

A sculpture of three heads on a mill wall

Three Heads


2 thoughts on “A Three Headed Mill

  1. Extraordinary art installation. Certainly transforms a very ordinary looking wall. I can’t help wondering what this would look like in colour. Are the colours muted? Somehow I imagine they are, but I’m not quite sure why I think that.

    • Hello Andy, your comment is appreciated, as always. The day I was there was something of an overcast day, not a great deal of sunlight, perfect for people portraits I suppose but I don’t often do those. On a sunny day with a blue sky the red brickwork and the terracotta detailing can really glow, just not when I was there 😦
      I will post the original colour shot for comparison.

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