Hard Cutbacks

Ok, hard pruning then. These two scenes caught my eye because of the vibrant colours. We normally expect the flowers to provide the colour and these images turn that idea round a full 180 degrees.

Vibrant colour 1

Vibrant colour 1

Vibrant colour 2

Vibrant colour 2


3 thoughts on “Hard Cutbacks

  1. I love the design of the first image. A really unusual image – well seen. I’m puzzled though. I thought the idea of training plants up trellis wires was that the stems and branches were behind he wires, not in from of them?

    • What I know about gardening is that it can be hard work, something I avoid at all cost 🙂
      These specimens were planted and trained by gardeners at the Royal Horticultural Society, if you look closely they seem to tie the stems to the wires with bits of twine or something here and there.

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