A sneaky look

I was at the “History Live” day in Northants in July and it was absolutely brilliant. The event was organised by English Heritage and it featured armies from the Roman Legions right through to WWII.

We watched as Romans fired off missiles from a huge trebuchet and a huge crossbow that fired spears! Charles II trotted by on horseback and a Spitfire kept diving in and strafing Germans who were busy attacking American and British units while across the other side of the site we had the English Civil war raging!!

I was wandering from one display to another and met Phil Harding, the field archaeologist from Channel 4’s Time Team. It was a real treat of a day and I would recommend this kind of event by English Heritage to anyone.

I managed to fill a couple of CF cards and I will be going over them to see what I can use here. For now I have this picture, these guys were out amongst all the tents rehearsing a few moves and I was amused by the chap in the middle of the front rank. What do you imagine he was thinking? No prizes but let me know what you think he was thinking.

A group of re-enactment soldiers.

Eyes right?


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