Bunker Door

I spotted this very unwelcoming door and was attracted by the gritty look of the dirty concrete wall that it sits in. I also liked the way that it is very monochromatic without having to do much of anything to it in post. It also has the feel and mood of a very dull, grey day in what had been a very poor start to the year in terms of weather. A poor start that is, if you believe that there is good weather and there is bad weather. Personally I would rather have the sun on my back while out walking, but, I don’t really think there is BAD weather, there is just . . . . well . . . . weather!

There are opportunities to make pictures in almost any conditions and staying home because the light is “not good enough” or because it is raining just means we could be missing out.

A heavily protected door in a concrete wall.

Thou shalt not pass!


2 thoughts on “Bunker Door

  1. Your final paragraph is absolutely right – bad weather shouldn’t put us off – just think ‘Plan B’. There’s a well known quote about there being no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. I reckon we could rephrase the second half of that quote and write it as ‘no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate photographic ideas’. That is not a nice looking door if you watch too much Scandinavian TV drama, but photographically it’s a great find. Well seen.

    • Hi Andy, thanks very much. Your comments are always constructive and always welcome. I like the “only inappropriate clothing” quote, it’s so true!

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