Weird and Wonderful Windows

The reflections in the windows of the beautiful office block in Salford look more weird than a surrealist’s nightmare interpretation in oil after a bad dream about Doctor Weird! Or when I look again sometimes I think I see something that the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi could have dreamed up. One thing that struck me was that it looks like a mass of twisted and distorted metal in a war zone. It only struck me in that way because this building stands adjacent to the Imperial War Museum where you can see devastated, twisted metal from the World Trade Centre in New York alongside an unbelievable lump of metal barely recognisable for what it is, the remains of  car bomb. The exhibits in the museum can leave you in a dark mood sometimes but this office block with its reflections certainly brightened up my day.


3 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Windows

  1. These are all dramatic and surreal reflections. I read an article a few weeks ago about the origins of float glass that was supposed to produce truly ‘flat’ glass. I’m so glad though that many of our buildings are still being clad in glass that is anything but flat. These distortions add so much character to a building. Wonderful findings. I really have to get up to Salford!

    • Thanks Andy. I have seen lots of this sort of picture but the distortions in these panes stopped me in my tracks. I had been threatening to go to this building for ages because the first time I saw it the weather was filthy. Salford Quays is a fairly small area and does have loads of photo ops. There is also lots to look at though in any weather.

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