Whipping the water

I like wandering around the countryside for the peace and tranquility that is so easy to find. A really nice place for a walk is Swinsty reservoir (Google it) which is just over three miles of a circular walk. Pretty flat too with the difference in height between lowest and highest points about 50 metres. On one of our strolls around Swinsty we happened across a really serene view with an angler standing in the water in his waders, just staring out across the water, still, quiet. He was obviously totally engrossed in his surroundings as he never seemed to hear us approaching, or making this picture. Late afternoon, the water is flat, the sinking sun is flicking the last few rays of light across the surface and the only sound is occasional birdsong. What could possibly be better?

A fisherman stands waist deep in a resevoir in the late afternoon.

Whipping the water


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