Gliding off into the sunset

A glider from the Yorkshire Gliding Club drifts silently into view as the sun sets over the Cleveland Way at Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire. A few hundred yards further along the Cleveland Way is where you will find yourself at the end of the gliding club’s runway. The tow plane lifts off with glider attached and because this is so high up and the plane effectively flies straight over the edge of a cliff you have the slightly odd feeling of being only slightly below the aircraft while seeing it in fact hundreds of feet up in the air.

This glider seemed to be working the thermals well in the late afternoon as the sun headed towards the horizon. This area is a place we return to fairly regularly and enjoy the walks and the views and so I thought I would use this shot to mark my 100th post.

Sun setting over Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire

Sun setting over Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire


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