Winter tree

This tree stands no more than half a mile from the scene of my last post. It’s shape always catches my eye in the landscape whether it is in full leaf or bare after they disappear in Autumn.

Bare after the ravages of Autumn


2 thoughts on “Winter tree

  1. Classically shaped tree. Ideally I would have preferred to see it less closely cropped so it had space around it to show itself off. But…I can see evidence of a neighbouring tree on the left and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear there is another one close by on the right! So I suspect I’m making an impossible suggestion. But this tree was well worth the shot – I love the shape.

    • You’re absolutely right, I shot this in portrait to try to isolate as much of the tree as I could but that left a lot of unwanted headroom which I cropped down. The edges do bother me and I was annoyed at the time of shooting, but still thought it was worth keeping. I could have shot a little bit wider and unleashed photoshop on it but didn’t really want to do that. Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated.

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