Black & Light

I like black & White, monochromatic images. They break down an image into different components than full colour images. I don’t always feel the need to analyse why I like an image or not, I just do or I don’t. So sometimes I may not find it necessary to shoot a picture in black and white, or convert a colour one to black & white in order to get the same feeling for an image.

This picture was made on a visit to Middleham Castle in North Yorkshire (where else? 🙂 ) Middleham Castle was once the home of King Richard III, see Middleham Website  for details. We were wandering around the place, as you do, and it was a bright sunny day but inside the light was very high contrast, either full sun or dark shadow. I turned to see my wife reading an information board. I took a light reading from the highlights and left everything else to go black. I found the result to be a very minimalistic picture that captured the moment perfectly, for me anyway.

Black and Light


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