Imperial War Museum North

I made these pictures on a visit to the IWMN to see a Don McCullin exhibition, “Shaped by War”. I am a fan of McCullin’s work, he brought images of conflicts around the world to into the public eye and according to The Telegraph he argued that  – he has given a voice to those who would otherwise have none.

The structure of the IWMN , according to its architect Daniel Libeskind, represents a globe shattered by conflict. Each part of the building representing a shard. I really like the way these shards slice across and pierce upwards into the sky.

Imperial War Museum North

Imperial War Museum North

Below is a picture that shows the innocent victims of war. This was just outside the entrance and certainly serves to focus your mind before you go inside. This, combined with the grey weather certainly set the mood for McCullin’s exhibition.


Innocent Victims of War


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